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Smooth Drive’s Chauffeurs drive clients from place to place, making sure their journey is safe and comfortable, and that they arrive on time. A variety of benefits are cited for using chauffeurs, including convenience, productivity, and time-saving, as well as driving safety for businesspeople and seniors. Insurance costs for luxury vehicles are often lower if the designated driver is a chauffeur.
Expo2020 is starting today book your Chauffeurs driver and enjoy your quality of time.

COVID-19 Notification
Your health and safety remain our top priority.
1-Most of our Drivers already got the covid vaccine.
2-All of our Drivers are using sanitizer before getting into your car
3-Gloves and Surgical Mask is mandatory for every driver.
4-We have shared all guidance with our team members of the current situation.5-Driver who’s feeling even a little bit sick. He is not permitted to get on work he must stay home. Smooth drive continues to monitor the situation closely. We have developed strict safety precautions for our Chauffeurs to ensure their safety and the safety of our clients.

Travel in Luxury Of your own Car. Choose from a range of our highly Professional and Skilled drivers to escort you for Airport Chauffeur, Events, Night Party, or any Weekend Getaway. For Booking You Can make a Call/WhatsApp at 0525206701 or 052 883 9646

Our highly ??????????? ???????????? ??????????? will drive you in the comfort of your own car. If you’re a Business executive, then you know how important it is to stay productive on the road. Take the hassle out of your day while maintaining personal style with your own car. Make your clients your priority, not driving; let your ???????? ?????? handle the road.??? ??????? ?????? ???? ?? ????????.(+??? ?? ??? ????) (+??? ?? ??? ????)

Get Your Vaccinated Professional Chauffeur Driver today. Smooth Driver has the most experienced and professional fleet of expert drivers. Hire Your Vaccinated Safe Driver For.
?????? to Abu Dhabi,
?????? to Al-Ain,
?????? to Sharjah,
?????? to Ajman
?????? to Ras al khaimah
?????? to Umm al Quwain
Very Cheap Prices.??? ???????? ???????.
?Designated Safe Driver just to take you Home
?Driver on Demand Hourly Basis.
?Personal Safe Driver For Daily Basis
?Personal Driver for your Medical Appointment.
?Private Safe Driver For Day out Trip. Just call us 24/7 we are available around the clock anywhere in UAE.??? ??????? ?????? ???? ?? ????????.(+??? ?? ??? ????) (+??? ?? ??? ????)

What is Personal Driver?

  • Having an intricate knowledge of local driving laws and possessing exceptional customer service skills to offer passengers a great experience.
  • Ensuring that clients’ identities and conversations remain confidential.
  • Traveling via the most efficient routes, unless otherwise directed.
  • Loading and unloading clients’ possessions, as required.
  • Engaging in conversation or playing music, if suitable.
  • Ensuring that the automobile remains clean and well maintained.

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